Friday, 8 November 2013

Idiot of the week - Imran Khan

I love cricket, and so it is with a little sadness that I have to give this weeks idiot award to Imran Kahn. Basically Imran has said he and his followers will block the NATO roads into Afghanistan if the USA does not stop drone strikes against the Taliban in Pakistan.

This story has been a huge bone of contention between Pakistan, the USA and the Taliban. But everything boils down to one fact and that is the drone strike that killed Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud.The day after the drone strike was meant to be the day that the Taliban and Pakistan governments were meant to meet to discuss a peace treaty. However, with the death of Mehsud the peace talks have fallen through while the Taliban finds a new chief. So yes this is bad in that sense but maybe we need to remember who these people really are, and why I say Imran Khan is an idiot. (Edit: Apparently the Taliban has a new leader.)

The Taliban has never agreed to peace, all other attempts at a peace process in Pakistan with the Taliban have failed.
These are the people that have conducted multiple terror attacks in Pakistan and along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border in the name of Allah. Something for which there is no proof, so we can ascertain they are mentally deluded.
The Taliban does not want women to go to school. Actually they don't want real education for anyone, they want you to read the Koran and just obey like sheep.
The Taliban are a bunch of idiotic terrorists, and are not to be trusted. Lest we forget what else they are guilty off, here is a small list of resources.
State report on terror attacks in 2012

So Imran I am sorry to say, you are an idiot if you have any trust in these people. The only time they will learn is when they are backed into a corner and the hot lead is flying at them, and then it will be too late.