Friday, 1 November 2013

Idiot of the week - Dave Daubenmire

Sometimes you have to sit back and wonder how people say what they say. You ask the question, "do they ever actually think before they open there mouth?" This is certainly the case for Dave Daubenmire as I don’t think this guy ever thinks. If he does think then he is even worse than what I currently think about him. Here is why Daubenmire is the idiot of the week for his simple endorsement of bullying. Thats right endorsement!

He seems to think that because Christians are not allowed to bully gays that this is leading to the destruction of the American society. Small leap from bullying to the ruin of a country, kind of like the leap of faith you need to believe in God. Actually he thinks so little of himself that he refers to his fathers generation as the greatest generation. Dave you are a caveman if you believe anti-bullying laws started due to gay rights. Dave you are an idiot if you want to get rid of anti-bullying laws, especially when you say Christians are been bullied. Like I say some people just don’t think.