Wednesday, 6 November 2013

How do you solve a problem like Noah?

How do you solve a problem like Noah? According to the people at Answersingenesis you don’t need to as the ark and the Noah story make perfect sense. Let me show you how.

According to Genesis the ark was 300 X 50 X 30 cubits = 450000 cubits^3. This translates to 158.7 X 26.45 X 15.87 = 66616.15 m^3 as 1 cubit = 0,529 m on the high side of the scale.

Next is an assumption you need to make. That is only vertebrates were allowed on the ark. And there were only 16000 animals on the ark, which means 8000 kinds. This translates into the following space for the animals.
66616 / 16000 = 4.16 m^3 which is 1.6 m X 1.6 m area and you must also not be taller than 1.60m.

See no problem :)



Previously, I used the fact that only 8000 kinds were on the ark. This presents a problem for creationists as it leads to super evolution within the last 6000 years to bring us to the accepted amount of vertebrates in the world today which is 29811 (excluding fish). So creationism leads to evolution beyond what scientists accept today.

So what about if we work out the amount of space and get rid of the evolution that the creationists hate so much. If we only consider all the vertebrates. we would have 59622 animals on board. So each animal had 1.12m^3 or 1.03 m X 1.03 m area and had to be shorter than 1.03 m.  Sticking to vertebrates. What if we also consider all the extinct vertebrates like dinosaurs, an others like dodos, Bali tiger, wild ass, etc etc etc. I would need to make assumptions so lets forget this for now, but I am pretty sure the space will decrease.

How about we ignore the fact that God is a dick and only put insects on the ark. After all there are 950 000 (which is 1.9 million insects) of them so they would already fill the ark in a buzzing swarm of chaos. Each insect has 0.035m^3 which is a lot for an insect, but hey at least there is now some space left for all the small animals that need to fit on. All those small animals like two baby elephants,or two baby T-Rex.

Importantly, at this moment this calculation above was have been done using the space provided using the biblical citations. We have not calculated anything in like space taken by lumber used to construct the ark. Also, we have also not calculated space to breathe.

So what happens when we consider space, food, water, feces and lumber requirements? Turns out that the ark would never work as it was just too darn small.

Got to love simple math, so powerful that it shows creation to be as idiotic as it sounds.