Monday, 25 November 2013

Emotion i not a good enough reason for a belief

Often you will hear theists claim they have proof for a god and this proof cannot be explained by science or logic but needs to be felt personally to understand that this god exists. To this I say no, this is unacceptable. Now, let me show you why your belief should be based on more than a feeling using an analogy.

I am part of generation X and as such when I was growing up there was some really influential music been made.In particular there was this little known band (irony intended) called Nirvana. Now in my opinion this music is the best music ever made, and I still listen to it today and love every chord. Every time I listen to Nirvana,I have a huge emotional response. This response is partially due to my growing up with this music and it defining my youth. Also, it has to do with the loss of the music when Cobain committed suicide. I mean I can remember the day he died, and where I was when I heard the news.

Now Nirvana's music is brilliant, however is it the best music ever made? To me yes, but after listening to the music I am pretty sure not everyone would agree. So I am making here an emotional plea as to why Nirvana is the greatest music, and if you don’t get it then you have not personally felt it and you cannot understand.

Now do you understand why an emotional appeal for a god don't work?

Another great tune just because it deserves to be heard.