Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Deeprak Chopra - How can somone so smart be so dumb?

Deeprak Chopra is either the most intellectually dishonest person or he is an idiot.

Let me give you one example why I say so. In a recent debate/conversation with Richard Dawkins there is a discussion about consciousness. Then around the 35 minute mark this happens.Chopra say that he believes a cell has awareness, and he believes atoms have awareness. Apparently this is what Freeman Dyson believes about atoms as well,which I severely doubt. Anyway WTF Deepra, how can anyone so smart be so stupid?

I mean Deepra you have studied to be a medical doctor, and now I agree that does not mean you are an Einstein but you cant be an complete imbecile. So readers I have to ask why is he such an idiot? The only thing I can come up with, is that his beliefs have made him an idiot or more accurately it has made him forget rational thought on aspects of his life which are feel good. He wants to feel good he does not want to understand and that is a shame.

BTW, this is great if you want to hear something awesome.Skip to the 44 minute mark and wait for Dawkins response to been called on an Ad hominem attack.

Another good one is the 57- 63 minutes when Richard gets his smart phone out. Well worth the wait as he destroys Chopra's intellectual dishonesty.

Here is the discussion, and yes it is in English. It was just held in Mexico I believe, so there is a Spanish introduction but the main talk is in English.