Sunday, 24 November 2013

A Pain in the William Lane Craig

I have been doing myself the service or disservice of trying to understand apologetics better. As such I having been listening to William Lane Craig's podcasts on the Doctrine Of God and am wondering whether I will continue after listening to the absurdity behind the arguments used for Gods omniscience and the lack of free will that I believe it causes.

The specific podcasts I want to address are lessons 7 and 8 from the Defenders podcast Series 1. I love the names of these podcasts by the way.

So apparently if God has omniscience it does not mean we cannot have free will,as according to WLC it is just God having knowledge of the future and not deciding our future for us. So lets look at the two examples using WLC's meanings and see if it is actually possible to get away from the no free will which omniscience affords us.

1) If God has foreknowledge.

This is the simple example. If we have a choice which leads to either A or B, then if God knows A is going to happen then B could never happen. If this is the case then free will does not exist as its obvious that only option A exists.

2) If God has foreknowledge and hypothetical knowledge.

In this example it is a little more complex but essentially the same. If we have a choice which leads to either A or B, then if God knows A is going to happen then B can exist. However, B can only exist in Gods mind and so cannot exist in reality. This brings us back to position one as only option A exists.

So in both these examples only option A exists, this means we have no free will. This means God has decided who goes to hell as you cannot choose. God is all loving right?

Apparently you can get around this in the mind of WLC by having the fact that God only puts you in the position to make the correct choice for God. But now that means that still God decides what you are going to be doing and you have no choice.

This just means that you sir are a royal pain in the William Lane Craig.