Monday 4 November 2013

A novel solution to a big problem


The war in Afghanistan has not been won. It more than likely will never be won, as religion is the problem. So here I am to present a novel solution to the problem in Afghanistan.

Use Jehovah's witnesses from any country that wants to send them. Think about it, they can go knock on doors around Afghanistan and try convert all the Muslims. If these conversions happen then the Islamic fanaticism will go away. Additionally, Jehovah's witnesses are pacifists so they will not take over as new fundamentalists with an axe to grind. If it does not work we get rid of one problem.


In summary:

The Jehovah's witnesses win as they get sent to a new country to witness and its free for them. It will cost way less than the governements around the world currently use to fund war.

The countries win as they get rid of their early morning door knockers. This is clearly better for public health and stress levels.

Afghanistan wins as they will hopefully eventually have peace after years of violence.

What do you think?