Sunday, 27 October 2013

Why I hate Censorship

I detest censorship, and yes I realise it is your blog and you can do what you want. But here it is again the biggest reason why I hate censorship.

Recently I got invited to a blog to read some theist rant about god and how awesome god is. So thanks for the invite, but when you invite me somewhere and rant then please be ready to accept my rebuttals. So I decided to comment and ask a few demanding questions. Surprise, my comment has to get approved? Now I am sorry, this is unacceptable. Don’t invite me to read your tripe when you do not intend to have an open a free forum. This means you should not be able to moderate what I write, unless granted I use profanity or death threats. BTW, I don’t use profanity or death threats. But this situation can get worse than just not allowing comments, it is actually possible for this person to reply to comments and when I try rebut their arguments they just censor me and claim victory.

I suppose people reading this will say I should trust they will do the right thing. Let me just say this, in my dealings with theists I never expect the right thing. So hey if you have a blog, here are my tips. Censor spam, in fact most comments platforms (even the one supplied as default by Blogger) have spam detection. If you need another smarter platform to block persistent trolls there are other platforms to adapt. Censorship is never  a good thing, it allows unethical people to be more unethical.

Maybe its time to develop a badge for Internet pages which have non-censorship.

BTW the other reason I don’t like censorship. If you are brave enough to put drivel out to an international audience be prepared to accept international condemnation of your ideas.