Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Man Christ Jesus (AKA the Antichrist)

I am so sad I had not come across this earlier, like last year April 29th specifically after all this was the day that the reincarnation of Jesus (Jose Luis de Jesus AKA the man Jesus, AKA the Antichrist) was meant to transform into immortality and rule the world within 62 days or less. The clip embedded here is when he is proclaiming to his followers that he will transform and its his final farewell before he meets them in the Armageddon. (Warning: This is extremely Boring rather watch the interview with Bill Maher)

Anyway needless to say he didn’t transform and rule the world, as it still seems pretty much the same as it was last year....or did I miss Armageddon again. In fact you can stop by his website and listen to his latest sermon where apparently he will still be transformed. If you didn’t hear about this guy before I gather that it is because he is so boring, not like the other fruit loops around that think they are Jesus. He did feature in Bill Mahers Religulous movie, and here is part of the interview that Bill did. (Warning: Contains some strong language)

What is pretty cool is that he has a 666 tattoo on his forearm which he believes is not the number of the beast (which I agree it isn't) is the number of wisdom (which I disagree with). I suppose that this number is a code that you have to leave Jesus of Nazareth behind and see the Other, or The Man Christ Jesus himself. Even some of his followers have their own 666 tattoos, so they are more like a gang than a church. Then again most churches are essentially gangs who go around bullying people.

In closing, why cant he be Jesus? I mean Jesus wasn't the son of God either so there is no difference between the two. There is even doubt that Jesus even existed, at least this guy is real. This is honestly one reason that makes me ask the question,"how anyone can think their religion is true?"