Monday, 14 October 2013

Teaching with creationist textbooks (Thanks for pointing the spelling mistake out Craig :)

This post is inspired by a recent Bitchspot podcast.

In the US and various other countries there are theists that are trying to force the ridiculous idea of creationism down students throats as fact by getting creationist material placed in school textbooks, or by handing out creationist textbooks minus evolution. This is a very disturbing practise as there is no evidence for creationism and as such teaching it as science is just wrong. Often these debates focus on the church and religious fanatics, but I think there is a need for another approach to this.

We should be asking one question, "Who are these publishing companies who are allowing this to happen?" While I am sure the economic card can get played, it is irrelevant as these publishers are meant to be supplying educational material. The fact is that if a publisher wanted to say there was nothing wrong with the Holocaust they would not be allowed to sell this book to schools, yet this view is held by some idiots. So why do we allow these publishers to put creationist material in textbooks when it is false information held by a few IDiots? In fact I would even go one step further and say I would not wanting these publishers to be supplying any books to schools, as clearly they cannot be trusted.

Just in case you are in doubt about creationist textbooks, here is a news article relating the removal of a living dinosaur i.e. the Loch Ness monster from their book, as they believe
"the Loch Ness monster is a questionable example to use, and also because the claim has become such a distraction, we agree that it is wise to delete Nessie's reference from a textbook that lists possible living monsters."
The spokesperson does go onto say that their is no real scientific evidence for Nessie.
"the survival of such a creature today in Scotland is very hard to believe."
"After multiple uses of sonar and other instruments, the hard observational evidence is just not there for Nessie's existence today. Any such creature in Loch Ness has likely died out,"
But this is 2013 and its only happening now. So really what is going on with this company they should not be allowed anywhere near school textbooks. Granted they are mainly supplying to home schoolers and private schools, but its education and its wrong to teach wrong things. Again if a private school was teaching holocaust denial the government would step in and stop them, so why is this not happening with these creationists texts.
We need to write to these companies that are buckling to creationist demands and stop them, as it is unacceptable. So who are these idiots making these books? Here is a short list of non creationist publishers that have been influenced before.
Publisher agreed to "eliminate the references to fossil fuels being formed millions of years ago" so as not to conflict with Biblical timelines. (Harcourt response to Margie Raborn, Texas Citizens for a Sound Economy, 8/23/02)
Publisher agreed to CHANGE any references to events "millions of years ago" to instead read "in the distant past" or "over time" so as not to have ancient geological events predate Biblical timelines. (Glencoe/McGraw-Hill response to Robert Raborn, Texas Citizens for a Sound Economy, 8/23/02)
You know of anymore publishers that are bending to creationists and fundamentalists? Realise these are 2 of the biggest publishers worldwide and it just shows again what a disease religion really is.