Monday, 21 October 2013

Taking Christian delusion to another level

This contains spoilers to the Breaking Bad Final Episode.
This article from a few weeks back at Charisma news has been plaguing me since I read it and so finally I think I understand why it has been doing this. The article at Charisma somehow deals with Breaking Bad been a religiously motivated story, and this is what bothered me so much as I who have watched Breaking Bad never saw anything Christian like in it. (Side Note: Actually I saw many things Christian like, stealing and lying, but I never saw anything that Christianity is meant to be.)

So when I saw phrases from the article like.
Further proof that the series’ drama is a profoundly religious one is the fact that theologically minded people are still fiercely disputing exactly what the ending meant,
Writer Sonny Bunch even saw Gilligan slyly turning White into Jesus Christ—the wounds in Walt’s hand and side, his reference to the view of the Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) mountains, his “sacrificing himself to save the people he loved,” his cruciform death pose.
I was flabbergasted to say the least and had a lot of thinking to try understand it.

So here is my final analysis. I think this is another delusion by Christians trying to justify something that does not fit in with what their bible is telling them. The fact is the anti-hero in this series was a drug dealing murderer, and there is no way to reconcile that with what he did. When he died he deserved it as he was not a good person, yet you do feel a little for him as he is also the stories anti-hero. This is where the problem arises for Christians.

So what happens next is that we have people trying to reconcile his deeds with supporting his family. At which point it is obvious to see just how far some people are willing to bend their morals and delusion themselves. In a nutshell, we have Christians running around wanting to watch Breaking Bad (as it was a great show) but realising that it does not adhere to their world-view. So they twist their world-view into something acceptable so as to be able to watch a TV show.

How messed up do you actually have to be, not to be able to just call it entertainment.