Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Islams contributions to science

This post is dedicated to some of the great the Islamic scientists back in the day, and a lot of them during the great Islamic Golden Age. So when I saw this web page of great things that Islamic scientists have contributed I thought I would share them with the readers. After all we should not always criticise religion, even though I do not believe for a minute that Islam had anything to do with these great minds and their scientific discoveries.
The eye by Hunain ibn Ishaq (Source)

According to, Islam has contributed many major scientific breakthroughs and this is a fact. I will mention only a few, I do suggest however, that you go look at the page yourself.
The Jalali Solar Calendar. Which is a very accurate calendar which put the year at 365.24219858156 days which is very close to the actual 365.2422464 days.
The Astrolabe. Which can be used to predict the position of the sun and moon and hence can be used for navigation.
Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī was very influential in getting the world to adapt the Arabic numeral system, which originated in India.
Nasir al-Din al-Tusi developed trigonometry into an independent field, which is of major importance in design for example.
There is mention of a range of other things like hygiene, medicine, chemistry etc. etc etc.

The thing that irritates me, is that the people at scienceislam seem to insist that verses like
"God created no illness, except that He has established for it a cure, except for old age. When the antidote is applied, the patient will recover with the permission of God."
Drove scientists to develop medicines, or
"We (Allah) will show you (mankind) Our signs/patterns in the horizons/universe and in yourselves until you are convinced that the revelation is the truth."
Drove scientists to develop mathematics.

This really drives me insane, as why is it always religion that has to make people do good things? Its a bit like saying Newton developed the laws of Gravity because he believed Jesus was the saviour of mankind. I am sure most of these scientists were like the great Christian scientists of yesteryear in that that everyone was a Muslim where they lived., and so they also were "Muslims". Also we should also remember that Muslims are all for killing the non believers, so I would also be a "Muslim" after all life is not that bad.  Even if these past great scientists were Muslims, I don’t think the Koran is inspiring scholars now days, as it has no scientific wisdom in it, except to tell us mountains stop earthquakes and  other inaccurate things regarding embryology and the brain.