Friday, 18 October 2013

Idiots of the week- Diana Nyad and Oprah Winfrey

This weeks idiots went out of there way to not have a concept of what an atheist is. First Diana Nyad said she is an atheist, then Oprah disagreed that she is an atheist, then turns out Diana is not an atheist, and then Oprah was right but for the wrong reason and then just watch its easier...... Disclaimer: I wont be paying any medical bills for broken brains.
So I think they are both deserving of this award for not understanding. Now I am may be wrong about Diana, and she may be an atheist. But when you are talking about souls and spirits it just sounds very new age, and not very atheistic. Also when you talk about souls living on after death then I have to wonder if you understand the meaning of atheist. So, I am going to say that she is not an atheist, either way they both don’t understand what an atheist is and still deserve the award.