Friday, 4 October 2013

Idiot of the week (Saeed Abedini)

I have decided to retire the Dear God segment as it really is difficult to think up stupid prayers that are relevant every week. Also, I want something more fun to do for myself. As such I am now launching idiot of the week, which will be filled with a person I determine to be the idiot of the week regarding religion or theists issues. As such this award can not only be one by theists but also by atheists.

My guess is that Pat Robertson will win this award the most followed closely by Ray Comfort. However, the theistic and atheistic world is full of non sceptics so I guess anything could happen. Without further ado lets get started.

This weeks Idiot of the week goes to non other than the Iranian/American imprisoned pastor Saeed Abedini. This pastor has been arrested in Iran for a second time for preaching Christianity. That's right....Its the second time! he first time around was in 2009, when to get out of jail he signed a document with the Iranian government (of which he is a citizen ) saying he would never preach again in Iran. He has been back and forth to Iran several times since to visit family and build an orphanage since the initial arrest. However this all changed last year when he got arrested for preaching and got stuck in jail again.

Needless to say the Christian faithful are out to save him, and say he did nothing wrong while ignoring the facts. But the fact is he can be lucky that he is only in jail, as the death penalty is usually applied to converts from Islam according to the Koran. That's right he was a Muslim before converting.  I mean someone who has been expressly forbid by the government, who knows what happens to converts from Islam and still goes back to the country where all of this has happened surely is deserving of the inaugural idiot of the week award.