Monday, 28 October 2013

I am not scared of your Hell threats

In my upbringing I was exposed to Christianity, but luckily the one thing I do not recall is that I never got the Hell scared into me at church. As such Hell was never an issue for me as a theist. For some reason it was not brought up much and when it was brought up it was not used in an abusive way to threaten. If anything it was just part of the story and was not the focus of the story, or maybe I thought I was the most awesome Christian ever and way too good to go to Hell.

Let me say here, that I do believe not condemning followers to Hell every week is a good way to keep people attending church. So, maybe the church was smarter than I gave them credit for. Eventually, the whole realisation of Hell and what it meant actually is one of the reasons that I left the irrational thought of Christianity behind. Truth is I was just not prepared to accept that some really good people would be burning in Hell while some really horrible people were sitting in Heaven. (Side note, this realization didn’t help my depression either.)

But to make my point clear to any theist that ever reads this. "I AM NOT AFRAID OF HELL." Why should I be? Its a fictional place and pretty much like any good horror story at Halloween. But even if hell was real, I would love to go there as its literally cooler than heaven. Also and more importantly, Hell is where all the cool kids are going to be. Heaven has Popes, Hell has my grandfather, Christopher Hitchens, Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman and Ernest Hemingway to mention a few. But then again that’s just assuming Christianity is the one true way to go.

Theists stop using Hell to intimidate atheists it does not work. More importantly stop using Hell to intimidate other theists its just despicable behaviour.