Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Genesis tells me the world is 6000 years old, how could I possibly be wrong.

Answersingenesis wants to explain to us why the world is only 6000 years old. So lets look at the evidence for why they say the world is only 6000 and not the 13.8 billion years old that scientists think. Skip to point 8 for the real evidence.

1. Circular Reasoning.
Apparently scientists are in a loop of dismissing biblical evidence as all groups don’t want to say the 13.8 billion years number is wrong. So scientists are in a self-sustaining loop of confirmation, when everyone wants to scream out that its only 6000 years old. Clearly answers has no idea how the scientific method works.

2. The evolution connection
Evolution is accepted by scientists and this requires a long time scale and thus an older earth than is biblically accepted. This means all the evolution evidence is false as it does not fit in with young earth creationism. we are not offered any alternative for evolutionary evidence like DNA, chemical and fossils its just not accepted.

3. The big-bang connection
The heresy of the big bang is thrown out as it contradicts the bible on what was created first i.e. the heavens or the earth. Also the one possible end to the Universe is heat death and that also contradicts the bible and eternal Heaven and the Revelation. I wonder why they only give credence to the heat death hypothesis and not the other ways the Universe can end? Maybe they don’t know about them, like all the other things they don't know about. The people at answers however do not offer any proof that the bible is real (not even a link), I guess that’s in another article.

4.The Assumptions of Naturalism and Uniformitarianism
These are philosophical questions, so not sure why they are on a so called science site. In other words lets ignore them, and by the way they are rejected as they disagree with the bible.


5.The distant starlight problem
Apparently the problem that starlight from the furthest stars which would take billions of years (thereby affirming the billions of years old universe) is wrong. This is easily explained by the fact that God can magically make light move faster if he wanted, so even if these stars are billions of miles away its not a problem for an all powerful God. Again as before no evidence is given for this God, so guess its somewhere else. Wish they would give a link though.

6.Light travel-time: a problem for the big bang
Answers points out that the Horizon Problem is the biggest failing of the Big Bang Theory. Well here we could say they are correct, as they reject the inflationary theory and that is fine. However, again they are rejecting a theory (like evolution) for which there is experimental evidence without offering an alternative beside the bible which does not explain anything. Dishonesty anyone?

7.Attempts at compromise
Here answers shows all other theistic interpretations to try fit Genesis with the Big Bang are wrong as they are misinterpreting the Bible. Whatever I don’t care, let them theists keep there silly arguments between themselves. After all the Bible is not accurate in anyway.

8. The evidence confirms a young universe
Finally, the evidence!.........
Uhhmmm, seriously there was none.

All in all, if you don’t believe the bible you have no evidence for young earth creationism. Yet they offer evidence, this evidence is called denial and shouting louder.