Monday, 7 October 2013

Can creationists be scientists?

Can creationists be scientists? this as the title at answersingeneises which made me look twice and read why. So it is with much dismay that I have to admit to finally agreeing with something on the answersingenesis website, because yes creationists can definitely be scientists. I know multiple scientists who are creationists (not young earth creationists) but who believe a God created the universe and they do good science. However, I feel there needs to be a lot of clarification as this can be easily misinterpreted.

Firstly, if a scientist is a creationist and is in the top tier of their respective fields it is important to realise that this does not make this person an authority on everything science. I for example am a chemist, but it does not make me knowledgeable to write a book about human evolution. This is in my opinion one of the biggest problems with the so called expert creationists scientists.

Secondly, while great science can be done by creationists, it must be noted that the concept of believing in the creation requires a non sceptic attitude. As a scientist I would say scepticism is one of the most important character traits and so it leads me to wonder what great innovations have scientists who are creationists missed out on? This is not meant as a back handed comment, but I do have to wonder, as sometimes scepticism can lead to some remarkable discoveries that could be dismissed as an error. I have posted before that been a sceptic will make you an atheist but not vice versa, so we can accept the same from theists.

Lastly, if you are a creationist you cannot be a credible evolutionary biologist or a creationists biologist. Actually, you can never be a creationist biologist as creationism does not exist, unless you consider man made bacteria creationist biology.  This is the line that must get drawn, as there is no evidence for god driven creationism and while you don’t need to believe in evolution to do physics, chemistry, math etc, you cannot be a creationist and study evolutionary biology. It is these biases that are embraced by the IDiots at the creation institute that mislead people into believing creationism is science, while discrediting real fact driven science.

In other words, this is not OK.