Wednesday 30 October 2013

A miracle story - thoughts from the past

Do miracles actually ever happen? Some people will say they do and have witnessed these miracles. The second group of people will say they are true,because a friend/parent/wife/etc witnessed a miracle. So I thought I would share a story about a "miracle" that happened at a church were I attended when I was still one of the sheep.

Firstly,I did not witness this miracle myself but it got retold to me by a friend of mine at the time,we have subsequently lost contact. The story goes that this friend of mine saw a leg growing. So in this story a child who had one leg shorter than the other was prayed for and the child’s leg grew. I remember this child wore shoes with one bigger sole,so that he could walk without causing himself serious back and joint damage. Now this is a remarkable claim,and as a believer I took it seriously and was amazed by the power of God. However,that was all going to change 6 months down the line.

6 months later,been the idiots that we were (we were 15 years old),we started playing the fainting game. I don’t want to get into the specifics of how we did it, but we induced self hypocapnia (Don't do this,its very dangerous!). Usually this experience lasts a few seconds, but one friend of ours would stay in these fainted states for up to a minute (or 2) before we woke him. It was freaky as we would see his eyelids move behind his eyes and he would shake now and again. Anyway, this guy after a few weeks of our idiocy told us all he was faking it. Naturally we did not believe,so he said okay lets do it. We repeated everything with him and then he didn't faint like before, we were shocked. However we still did not believe him and so he showed us without the fainting treatment how to do all the eye movement and shaking associated with his fainting spells.

Interesting thing,this is the same guy that saw the leg growing in the church.

So was this a miracle? Maybe,but look at the source. He was my friend but he also enjoyed an elaborate hoax. Its for this reason that I don't believe the leg grew in that church service, after all every other miracle claim has failed why should this be any different.