Thursday, 5 September 2013

Then Allah made some mountains, but wasnt sure how

If we believe in the Koran, then we know that Allah made the mountains and the seas. This post deal with the fact that if Allah made the mountains, he then made a horrible mistake in dictating how he did this to Muhammed. We know this because what is written in the Koran about mountains is absolute rubbish.

If we are to believe the writers at we will see that Allah created the earth to be the bed and the mountain as pegs that are placed inside this bed. In the translation at scienceislam the word bulwark is translated as peg.
Koran 78: 6-7. Have We not made the earth an expanse, And the high hills bulwarks (peg)?
They then go on to explain that in the text book Earth by Frank Press and Raymond Siever talks about mountains having roots. BTW from my research (I may be wrong) Press and Siever never used this "root" language  in their book, the scienceislam people just made their own assumptions.
These roots are deeply embedded in the ground. So mountains have a shape like a peg as is seen in an example on page 220 in the same book. Another illustration shows how the mountains are peg-like in shape, due to their deep roots [p. 158].

Now the concept of roots of mountains is not wrong as this idea is put forward by some geologists to try explain the concept of mountains actually extending deep into the crust. In this way these "roots" would look like pegs, but this is just a descriptive way of explaining this depth. However it seems the people at scienceislam actually think they are real defined roots.
Modern earth sciences have proven that mountains have deep roots under the surface of the ground and that these roots can reach several times their elevations above the surface of the ground.


As for mountains been pegs in the ground, this idea is a weird one. It implies the mountains were placed in the earths surface, but this is not how mountains form. In fact various mountains form in various ways and some bigger hills are formed by erosion, so they have no roots. Whatever the authors are trying to convey they do really poorly. Additionally, one would at least expect that Allah would have got the formation processes for various mountains right when dictating?


The last portion of the post is where the lunacy starts as it talks that mountains stabilise the earth against shaking.
Koran 16:15. And He hath cast into the earth firm hills that it quake not with you, and streams and roads that ye may find a way.

Uhmmmm, no mountains don’t stop the earth shaking, if that was true there would be no earthquakes. So I think we can conclude that this statement is absurd rubbish, and that it does not deserve a response.