Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Cult that is Scientology

Lets make this clear, I don’t differentiate between a cult and religion. I call Scientology a cult because they don’t like it and they are a bunch of manipulative, money fleecing and harassing idiots. In other words the "church" of Scientology acts like any other minor "cult" that we hear bad things about on the news. This post deals with two documentaries from 2007 and 2011 for the BBC Panorama series by John Sweeney, and based on some topics from these two documentaries I will be making a few posts this week about Scientology.

Here are some highlights from the documentaries.

They interview two prominent ex-Scientologists. Pity these two guys (Marty and Mike) that were part of the church, still think Scientology is good they just do not believe that the direction (i.e. the lies, manipulation, spying, harassment, money fleecing, etc.) the church is following is correct. BTW Mike is now part of the reformation movement in Scientology, which is beyond me how the hell can you reform this science fiction.

You can learn how to buy your way to clearness (peace?), after all every level costs money. So with money you can go far :) How this is a good thing is beyond me, but then again you can guy your way into Heaven through the Catholic Church.

You can find out whether their auditing (confession) is secret or not secret. OK you won't find out, as the church is very unclear on this, they say no and yes. In a nutshell they are awesome at lying and good at giving your secrets out when you threaten them.

Learn about their double standards for example the BBC was not allowed to show the celebrity interviews they did. Oh but Scientology is allowed to show these interviews in a documentary they made about the BBC. Fortunately due to this Scientology movie in the 2011 documentary the BBC can now show the interviews.So now everyone gets to see how celebrities deny the existence of Xenu.

You can also hear multiple stories from the Sea Organisation sect.
For example, hear about Claire a lady that had to have 2 abortions because if she didn't she would have had to leave the church. But that’s not all she would have had to leave her husband behind as well.

Or learn about the Sea Organisations compounds. Compounds which you are not allowed to leave and where you are not allowed to contact your family from. Their was another Cult that did that and they had a happy cool-aid finish, you may know it as Jonestown.

Here are the documentaries, the 2007 documentary

and the 2011 documentary.