Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sushmita Banerjee murdered by religion

The recent murder of Sushmita Banerjee in Afghanistan I think we can say can be linked to the Taliban no matter what the press says. A little background to this lady, she was the person responsible for writing a memoir of escaping the Taliban. According to the report I read no one had yet claimed responsibility, however the police believe it is the Taliban. Why anyone would claim responsibility for a murder is something I will never understand after all the whole point is to get away. Makes you think that theists are dumb as they are the only people that claim responsibility for murders.

Back on topic, I think it certainly is Taliban (or Islam motivated) as her husband (and other people at the house) were not killed in the attack, so they were clearly looking for only one person. Also this is the same lady that had previously escaped the Taliban into India by convincing them she was an Indian citizen (which she was) and should be allowed to go home to India. This is the same women that was under house arrest from the Taliban. This is the same women that did not hold back in her memoir about the Taliban. So they had a grudge against her, and that is why I am pretty sure it was these Islamic retards.

Is this the religion of peace? This picture below I think conveys the mindset.