Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Steven Tari gets his comeuppance

Steven Tari the so called "Black Jesus" of Papua New Guinea finally got his comeuppance when he was hacked to death by villagers. But before you feel sorry for him, maybe you should get the story in perspective from what I have garnered from the Internet. Personally, this is one guy I can say I feel no sympathy for. Even though it would have been better for him to sit in jail it was just not happening as he had escaped in the first place. So effectively by denying the justice systems fate given to him he ended up receiving a far worse fate in getting hacked apart.

Back to the story, this fool got kicked out of seminary school where he was studying to be a minister for theft, I guess he started small. He then took this theistic knowledge and created a cult/church in the mountains using his training to influence people with offers of material wealth. However, this is where it all goes very strange once this cult/church was established.

He was accused of cannibalism, human sacrifice, rape of under age girls and murder. However, at the end once he finally got caught by fed up villagers the first time he only got convicted for 4 rapes. Interestingly enough he tried to escape from jail before but got caught doing it. After his great escape earlier this year with the aid of another reject from ministerial school he and his minion were caught by villagers assaulting a female that they were indoctrinating into the cult. This is when the hacking occurred, so I guess he didn't understand the lying low thing.

So still feel sorry for him?