Friday, 20 September 2013

Run for the hills run

We have heard from believers before that there is a god that created the universe. The commonly held reason for this belief is that something cannot come from nothing. Now regardless of if you think this is true is irrelevant to this post. At this time we live in a Universe that had a beginning and that beginning is the singularity or the so called big bang. Now if the theists are correct then before the big bang there was god, after all that is what theists have been claiming with their cosmological arguments forever.


Now what are the theists going to say in light of a recent publication which suggests that our Universes was spawned from the collapse of a four dimensional star. Here is the link to the original article, and as a side I don’t claim to understand all the physics. So what dilemma does this create for our believers? Well why did god not guide you in the correct way and tell you how our universe started, or will you start claiming as has already been done (see the comments) that we still need something to create this universe before. So if you are now claiming this, then surely you have to admit that god needs a creator too and you argument is flawed as it regresses into infinity.

Infinity is no longer a problem with this model,  as the scientists show that this 4 dimensional universe could exist infinitely into the past. So now we have something infinite and beyond our universe. Is this god? I will admit this model does have problems, but it also answers questions like another model of our universe which has problems. In case you were wondering this model is the big bang model. I guess some theists have been willing to accept the big bang model because they thought it was perfect and as such they could put something before the big bang i.e. god.

Wonder how theists are going to repackage their argument now?