Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Psychiatry is an industry of Death!!!!!

Yes the crackpot Scientologists have a museum called Psychiatry: The Industry of Death. It is run by the ironically named Citizens Commission on Human Rights, which is a Scientology non profit organisation trying to get rid of psychiatry. As a psychiatric patient, I decided to spend some time on their website and realised that this is a great conspiracy theory website. I would go so far as to say this organisation is almost as "good" (read mentally deranged) as the anti-vaccers. By the way officially Scientology is not against vaccine use.

On the website you can watch movies and read articles and spend a lot of time misinforming yourself. So I thought I would give some highlights to this website as I don't have time and my readers don't have time to spend all year reading debunking.

Firstly, there is a huge focus on the Nazis and how psychiatry was behind the extermination of the Jews. I think this is really disgusting that they blame the holocaust on psychiatrists, but even if it was true it holds no relation to psychiatry today. I believe the biggest problem Scientology has with psychiatry comes down to the fact that the Scientology bible (Dianetics) by L. Ron Hubbard was rejected by the psychiatric field.

In one documentary I watched they interview a doctor who even says he is a rare breed and not accepted my mainstream psychology. Like on the Internet you can find people who believe the earth is flat, but we don't call them a rare breed. We call them crazy.

They talk about the fact that Major Depressive Disorder is a made up disease. Now as a person who suffers from this fake disorder I find this really messed up and something I have always associated with a very high degree of idiocy similar to creationists. They also say that before the drugs people would not have been treated. Yes, please read that again and see how stupid this statement is.

Finally, this page (Quick Facts About Psychiatry) had me realising what a bunch of crackpots they are.
1)For example they say their are no brain scans for mental illness. So what did my brain get probed for?
2)They say their is no genetic proof for mental illness. Then why are their recent publications (2013) that say otherwise?
3)Psychiatrists cannot predict side effects. Neither can doctors that’s why its called side effects you idiots. As an example Zyban (a non representative anti depressant, nothing like Fluoxetine) has a side effect it stops people that a bad thing?
4)Psychiatrists admits it has no cures. Here they are just misquoting a number of psychiatrists and making them sound like fools, when any person not a conspircay theorist can see through the holes.
5) Apparently mental disorders are not real diseases. Yes, and how is a pathogen (like the common cold) relevant to a chemical imbalance in your brain.

If you have time to waste go check it out. If you like conspiracy theories seriously go check it out.