Monday, 9 September 2013

Pat Robertson the Royal Prick

Pat Robertson is most probably the televangelist that irritates me the most in life. He is an obvious fraud with respect to his predictions he has made about Presidents, end of the world, Tsunamis, etc.

Now there is a documentary called Mission Congo about his so called humanitarian involvement in the Congo after the Rwandan genocide. He was meant to be sending aid and doctors to the Congo to be helping refugees, turns out according to the documentary that this is not the case. He was using the aid money he raised to fund his diamond operations. Although this has been brought to the worlds attention before, hopeful the documentary will show more of the world what a wanker he is. But Pat is fighting back with legal action against the filmmakers, as he does not want his tarnished reputation anymore tarnished than it already is I guess.

Turns out Pat is at least honest with his Operation Blessing, guess the blessing was just for himself. I have said it before but now for bold caps, PAT YOU ARE A DICK!!!!!

Thanks to the Ahab at the Republic of Gilead for the original link.