Wednesday, 18 September 2013

New film by Ghanaian Kwaw Ansah takes on the Christian church

A new film by the Ghanaian director Kwaw Ansah is taking on the church and their money making racketeering in the African nation. The director was inspired by the near death of a little girl who was getting prayed for by a pastor, while been denied medical treatment. Why was the pastor praying for the girl you may ask and not getting medical treatment for her? She was possessed by demons of course! Anyway Ansah did not believe this crap been spouted by the idiot pastor and he took the little girl to the hospital. Turns out she had picked up an infection from something she ate. So guess god was not that almighty, but a rational mind was. The little girl survived and so an idea was born.

The story of the movie focuses on a fake pastors who steal money from the poor. This movie carries a message that the director wants to show that people should not be preying on the vulnerable, which is what the church/religion is so good at doing. What the fall out from this movie will be I am not sure, but lets hope that it breeds doubt in a lot in minds about religion in Ghana.

Here is a brief interview from the TvAfrica News Channel.