Monday, 16 September 2013

My hope is you dont see something as stupid as this again this year.

Breathe in and relax before you read this story about the stupidity that is rampant in Thailand at the moment. Apparently, the spate of recent transport disasters in Thailand can be attributed to supernatural powers. This belief has lead to the building of shrines and ceremonies to appease the restless spirits.

Just in case you think these statements are been made by uneducated people, I include a list of people mentioned in the article. They are in no specific order the Thai Airways Managaing Director, a Former Director of Aiport Authorities in Thailand,  a former director of Suvarnnabhumi Airport and the Transport Minister.

But then again what do you expect form a country that considers their King to be a god, but who is in fact an evil tyrant who possibly had a hand in the murder of his brother.