Saturday, 21 September 2013

Evidence that life was seeded on earth

Could life on earth have been seeded? A recent article detailing analysis of the Sutter’s Mill meteorite could answer this question. The article is entitled
Processing of meteoritic organic materials as a possible analog of early molecular evolution in planetary environments and is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (The article is unfortunately subscription only.)

The scientists in this study showed that kerogen could be broken down upon heating to form simpler/smaller  organic chemicals which could have helped life develop on earth. Kerogen is simply organic chemicals which are super large in size and are found in sedimentary rock as well as other meteorites. So clearly the scientists were worried about contamination from terrestrial sources.

To check if these organic compounds were not contamination from terrestrial sources, various tests were done and they showed that it was not contamination. One of the tests showed that the fatty acids obtained from this meteorite differed in chain length number compared to what is expected on earth. The scientists found fatty acids with odd numbers compared to the even numbers found on earth. The scientists believe that these fatty acids could have been used in the formation of lipid bilayers or basic cell walls inside of which chemical reactions could have started to take place.

For theists this is a problem as they have to accept that earth is not so special and god did not create it as a special place in the cosmos. This kerogen must have come from somewhere, and while that does not mean there is life outside of our planet it does mean that there are interesting organic and inorganic chemical processes happening. Why do the Koran and the Bible and the Preachers etc etc keep getting the beginning of the universes and life so wrong? I would say because they are wrong!