Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Dragons or dinosaurs....or humans and dinosaur co-existence Part 2

As promised here is Part 2 of the Dragons and Dinosaurs documentary/comedy. In this post I want to look at a few of the testable claims made, as well as point out some of the obvious lies in the movie. (Part 1 here)

The narrators in the movie say that dragon or dinosaurs myths are the same among nations/cultures and that the dinosaurs depicted are the same. But this is not true as one can see that Chinese dragons and English dragons are clearly different, hell they both flew but one had no wings. Look at the pictures to see how they fail on this claim.

Chines Dragon (Source)
English Dragon (Source)

Their is the claim that the mammoth was the buffaloes grandfather.....not sure what this means. I gather it means buffaloes either are direct offspring of mammoths (incorrect) or that buffaloes are directly evolved from mammoths (incorrect, as they were the last of their genus). So whatever these fools were trying to say they were wrong.

They then go on to  mention the historical accounts of the Chinese Dragon that Marco Polo saw as well as the dragon that frightened Alexander the Greats soldiers. Regarding the Marco Polo story, some historians are not even sure he went to China but rather made his stories from others accounts of China. Add to this that his story was dictated to a romance writer who could have changed the stories it contained, so I guess this is not credible.... well that and that no dragons exist and why did this dragon not fly like other Chinese Dragons? As for the Alexander tale, I am not sure what to think honestly he had a few few thousand soldiers with him yet the only evidence for the dinosaurs come from him. Also consider that Alexander the great stories are also used as evidence for UFOs, and we know they UFOs are not real.

They also say that the geological strata in which fossils are found can be explained by the biblical flood. But if this is true then why are their no humans fossils in the strata where dinosaurs are found? They then put evidence of polystrate fossils forward as evidence that the strata record is wrong, but scientists freely admit with these creationists that polystrata fossils probably come from rapid deposition of layers like in volcanic eruptions. So what they have done here is essentially destroy their own argument, as the question still remains where are the human fossils in they are not either in the same strata as the dinosaurs or spanning dinosaur and other strata as in polystrata tree fossils.

The "scientists" then go on to explain that new lava from Hawaii when dated is older than it should be. However, they don’t tell you they are lying and that it was not the lava that was getting dated but rather inclusions in the lava called olivine inclusions.

Now a list of horrible ignorance:

Horrible ignorance from these so called scientists is that they have no idea what half life means. Simply it means that after say 10 years the material will degrade by half, then ten years later this half will degrade by half. This means the material can never disappear i.e. 10 becomes 5 becomes 2.5 becomes 1.25 etc etc etc.

They also talk about the non existence of transition fossils, clearly ignoring all the evidence of transitional forms.

They say Carl Sagan was one of the world leading evolutionist....except he was an astronomer and astrophysicist. So fabrication of truths and this is a big one, as Carl Sagan is one of the better known popular scientists of our recent history.

And then the obvious rubbish about the re-population of the earth over 4000 years from 3 couples, 4 if you include Noah and his wife.

If you watch this movie enjoy the comedy but remember its not real!