Monday, 2 September 2013

Dragons or dinosaurs....or humans and dinosaur co-existence Part 1

I finally watched the infamous documentary called Dragons or Dinosaurs and man what a great comedy.! Unfortunately they really do a good job at convincing non-sceptics that dinosaurs were dragons. It is for this reason that I decided to give my thoughts on the stupidity of their arguments and then follow up in another post about some of the testable claims (blatant lies) that these creationists are so proud of in another post.

(Please if this link is dead leave a comment below, and I will see if I can find another copy somewhere)

Here are the main issues with this movie, or should I say the ones that irritated me enough to write about them as the whole movie is a lie. Just a very important note, before you can believe anything these "scientists" have to say about dinosaurs you have to believe in the global flood according to the Bible. If you do not believe in the global flood, well then their arguments do not work. But for a moment lets forget that and move on.

In the documentary there is the claim that humans must have co-existed with dinosaurs as all the sculptures/paintings/drawings/engravings of dragons that exist are accurate depictions of dinosaurs. But this is not true as anyone that has seen a Chinese dragon picture will know that it does not look like any dinosaur fossil ever found that I know of.  Also remember Chinese dragons flew, yet they had no wings. This means we have a dinosaur with no wings that could fly!


Also irritating is that every scientist interviewed works for a creationist institute. This does not mean that in the comedy that quote famous secular scientists are not quoted. However, every scientist that is mainstream quoted was never interviewed. The question  surely must be....why? For example Mary Higby Schweitzer whose work on dinosaur soft connective tissues (collagen) which they frequently cite as a source to show dinosaurs existed with humans is never interviewed. I am sure the main reason behind this is that she is not a creationist, but a firm adherent of evolution. Especially since her work gives credence to the fact that modern birds evolved from dinosaurs.

At some point in the documentary one of the "scientists" points out that dragons hence dinosaurs were all carnivorous which we know is false. However what makes it even more absurd is that they say humans rode dinosaurs. Seriously WTF, why would anyone ride a carnivorous animal that could kill them in a heart beat. I wish they would at least be consistent in their idiocy.


While we have all heard of sightings of strange animals which have no verifiable proof. The scientists" point out recent sightings of dinosaurs in the Congo and Papua New Guinea as evidence for dinosaurs still existing today. They use the example of other meant to be extinct animals as proof that this could happen, i.e. the coelacanth. The difference here is that their is actually evidence for live coelacanth but not for any dinosaurs. I suppose they left "Nessie" out of sightings as it has thoroughly been debunked.

A massive irritation is this documentary comes from the non-consensus among these "scientists". For example, one says all dinosaurs died during the biblical flood while the other will say they were taken aboard the Ark. Just before you say the Ark was to small for that, they explain it away by Noah only taking dinosaur babies on the Ark. But if we accept the bible to be correct then dragons existed after the flood (Psalm 74:13-14) which means they were on the Ark, so these fools don’t even get their bible correct. I guess if their science is as good as the bible knowledge we can dismiss everything they said.

In closing one more remark. Beowulf was a true story, well according to these "scientists".