Saturday, 7 September 2013

Christians dont be children and accept or reject your bible

This is dedicated to all the Christians that will ever read this post and I hope a multitude will read it. This whole post has got to do with your sacred book the bible. The way I see it you must accept the bible if you are a believer in Jesus/God/Holy Spirit. However, I want to show you that the logical position here is that you should reject the bible, and this is not based on moral reasons like slavery/racism/sexism which all exist in the bible. This position rests on historical/scientific and logical/divergence reasons which I want to outline a few of in this post so that you will come to the same conclusion as me. The other option is to reject this position and live in ignorance. While it is true that ignorance is bliss once you have heard the truth you can no longer claim ignorance. So if you want to remain ignorant of the bible stop reading this now!

The bible has historical/scientific falsehoods/contradictions in it, in fact one does not have to look further than Genesis and the global flood. If the global flood occurred and covered the highest mountain peaks then we have to ask where did all the water go, and where did it come from? Additionally, there is no historical/geological evidence for a global flood.  Also Noah built and ark and took two of every animal on the ark, the fact is that the ark would have been to small to accommodate all the animals of the earth.

The bible also holds logical/divergent flaws as can be seen in the first 4 gospels of the new testament i.e. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. All these stories detail the life of Jesus, yet every single one is not the same. This means either only one is right or they are all incorrect. But even if one is correct, that’s only a 1 in 4 chance that we chose the right story, which means 75% of the first four books of the new testament are incorrect.

Using just these two well know examples, it seems the bible is either correct or false, but yet even when it is correct it is wrong. So you have to reject the bible as its default position (if it could have one) is that itself is incorrect.