Sunday 15 September 2013

Been a skeptic on the internet

I noticed something about some sceptics (or should I say pseudo sceptics) that spend time on the Internet. That is basically that they do not understand what scepticism is in its entirety. They understand that you should question everything and they should be applauded for that, but this is also where the problem starts.

The problem is that on the Internet you can find any information to fit your bias. This does not mean the information is correct. For example lets look at something completely absurd and see what we can find using a google search.

Here are some results for belief in a flat earth

But lets be honest no one would call you a sceptic if you believed the world was flat. The information is there and some people believe it, however this does not make it correct. So been sceptical is also not just accepting everything you see and read. While this may sound logical to most sceptics, those with a confirmation bias may not be so sceptical and then take this as the truth.


Inspired by some comments in a post on anti-vaccers at the Richard Dawkins Foundation.