Monday, 23 September 2013

A kind of Comfort? Ray Comfort proves he is an idiot.

I finally got around to watching Ray Comforts movie which defeats Evolution, if you believe everything that he has to say. Thanks to Cephus at the Bitchspot Report for the heads up about this movie. Let me clarify in this movie Ray Comfort shows us that it is impossible for one "kind" of animal to transform/evolve into another "kind" of animal. So Ray has shown us what every other creationist has tried to show us, Ray has shown us that he is a complete lying idiot! Most creationists either are intelligent and lie or are idiots and don’t lie, but Ray takes it to a whole new level with his mind games.

Ray talks about "kinds" all the time, so what is a kind? In evolution science it has no meaning. So the fact is Ray is throwing a word around which has no scientific meaning, the reason for this is that it needs to be defined. As what do you consider different "kinds"? Ray likes to point out 2 different breeds of dogs are not different kinds as they are still dogs. But this is dishonest as we cannot breed a Maltese Poodle with a Great Dane for fear of death to the mother (if the Poodle is the mother) and impossibility (if the Dane is the mother). So Ray is a liar in his use of the word kind just from a pure logic point of view!

In the past Ray Comfort has been shown a multitude of evidence for evolution yet he still refuses to believe any of it. He is a liar when he says there is no evidence or the other option is he does not accept it because he does not understand it. This makes Ray Comfort an idiot, and I don’t say that to be rude about Ray. Evolution can be a complex topic, and clearly he is unable to grasp the basics with all the proof that has been explained and shown to him multiple times, so we have to accept like I said that he is an idiot at least in terms of evolution science.

Here is the full movie, I am happy to say Ray is no longer asking for payment for this. Its on the Way of the Master channel on Youtube.