Monday, 26 August 2013

Space Barbie and the money making business

I saw a documentary on the so-called living Barbie doll Valeria Lukyanova, which would have been a boring show except for the fact that there was all this strange alien new age gobbledygook. Actually it was the preview that caught my eye. I mean when I saw her sitting with a beard (not real) and a snake (real) curling around her while she was talking about coming to earth to save humanity, I was sold. Anyway the documentary is absurd beyond belief, but there is one thing that you can learn from it and I think it holds for all religions.

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Its all about the money, performance and image. It was so interesting to see her freaking out when something was not perfect during the making of these crazy videos that she makes for youtube etc. But why would someone who is only worried about getting a message across be so obsessed with their image and performance? The answer is simple money, she is a fraud and in it for the money. Luckily their are other people that are also worried about this, and while I do not always agree with their methods they are a good source of information.

Here is the video.

Alien cults like Scientology are my best religions as they are absolutely so whacked out.