Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Allah designed but does not understand the brain?

Scienceislam needs help! They need help to at least make their arguments reasonable and a little hard to refute. The Discovery Institute is also always wrong, but at least they try to confuse you. Scienceislam is a bit like Answers in Genesis, absolute rubbish.

Today's topic has to do with the Koran knowing about the Cerebrum before scientists even came close to understanding it. According to the Koran the Cerebrum is "responsible for planning, motivating, and initiating good and sinful behavior, and is responsible for the telling of lies and the speaking of truth." Just in case you wonder this is all summed up in the following verse. 
Let him beware! If he does not stop, We will take him by the Naseyah (front of the head), a lying, sinful Naseyah (from of the head)! [Quran 96:15-16]
Nay, but if he cease not We will seize him by the forelock - The lying, sinful forelock - [Koran 96:15-16] 

WAIT, Before you go out and buy the Koran, this is all wrong. The Cerebrum is firstly divided into four lobes, so which lobe was Allah talking about? The Frontal Lobe is responsible for Motor control, Thought and Personality and Olfaction. The Occipital lobe which is responsible for vision. The Parietal Lobe which is responsible for touch sensations. The Temporal lobe which is responsible for sound processing. The insular lobe which is responsible for taste and some emotions. So what does the front of the head mean surely it means the Frontal lobe? But we should be careful here as the Frontal lobe requires the Temporal lobe for sound processing, without the temporal lobe then there can be no speaking which means no lying.

OK so maybe Allah and Muhammad meant the whole Cerebrum. This brings us to the logical conclusion that the Koran is wrong, as the Cerebrum is not just the front of the head . In fact the Cerebrum is massive! Below is a picture of the brain, the Cerebrum is everything except for the small part at the bottom. So when Allah was grabbing the front of the head did they mean the whole head? 
 What we have here is that the Muslims that are promoting this view that the Koran tells us about the Cerebrum have a problem with their Cerebrum.