Saturday, 31 August 2013

Muhammed looks at clouds and wonders.

Scienceislam claims that the Koran tell us all about the wonder of clouds and cloud formation as well a lightning and how lightning works. Excitedly I was expecting to read a book explaining all the different cloud sorts and how the discharge and charge occurs in lightining strikes. Unfortunately, I was only given this single solitary verse.

Surah 24: 43 Hast thou not seen how Allah wafteth the clouds, then gathereth them, then maketh them layers, and thou seest the rain come forth from between them; He sendeth down from the heaven mountains wherein is hail, and smiteth therewith whom He will, and averteth it from whom He will. The flashing of His lightning all but snatcheth away the sight.

So what we can learn from this is not that Allah told Muhammed how the clouds form and what types there are. What we learn is that Muhammed at some time in the pass lay on his back and stared at the clouds as the coalesced and made Bug Bunny shapes. Eventually he also noticed that if huge amounts of clouds gathered and they looked brooding we got rain. Well done Muhammed you have the science skills of any three year old!

Cloud formation is a lot more complex than watching clouds gather together. What about evaporation of water from oceans and rivers. What about condensation of this water on tiny bits of dusts and other aerosols as it cools. Only then do these  water particles start coalescing into "clouds" which are visible at first to the naked eye. So Muhammed where is this information of the water cycle?

So the Koran fails on cloud formation, but what else does it fail on? Apparently the author of this website seems to think that only hail is needed to create lightning. As he quotes a book (Meteorology Today) which is a good text book but it is a introductory meteorology book.
This seems to indicate that hail is a major factor in producing lightning. Looking to a book on the subject (Meteorology Today) we find that it says: "Clouds become electrified as hail falls through a region in the cloud of super cooled droplets and ice crystals."......"These negative charges are then discharged to the ground as lightning".

What the author fails to mention this is only one theory on lightning formation and the community is still divided on which theory is correct, as it could even be a combination of multiple effects including, hail, rain, graupen or convection currents. This is explained on the NASA weather website where they say:
"The creation of lightning is a complicated process. We generally know what conditions are needed to produce lightning, but there is still debate about exactly how a cloud builds up electrical charges, and how lightning forms. Precipitation and convection theories both attempt to explain the electrical structure within clouds."

The Koran and Islam has failed again at proving science with its lighning/cloud/rain theory, when any three year old could have done the same. It has also failed at explaining anything about different cloud types etc, unless we make massive leaps from no knowledge to yes I see cumulonimbus clouds written there where it says "the heave mountains". But even avoiding the flawed science, it is easy to prove it wrong just using an initial glance as lightning is not only found in thunder clouds but also forest fires, volcanoes, dust storms and tornadoes...........and Thor ;)