Thursday, 15 August 2013

I am an atheist and an anti-theist

For those readers that have been following my blog it may come as no surprise that I am an anti-theist. But I thought its about time that I made this clear as well as reasons as to why I am an anti-theist. Or should I say I think I should explain the one and only reason that I am an anti-theist or should I say variant on an anti-theist. I say variant as I still respect that someone has the right to believe in a deity, but I and society would be far happier with religion eradicated from the planet as I do not see any good that it offers.

The one an only reason for me been an anti-theist is the following. Every aspect of your life determines your views on certain issues as this is the way the brain functions. With the teachings of religion your world view is affected to be a person that discriminates against groups of people. I do not in anyway think this is beneficial for society at all!

If you are a theist I am sure you disagree with everything I just said. But let me ask you where does your opinion lie on any of the following issues: abortion, stem cell research, homosexual marriage, homosexual relationships, eating certain food types, moral superiority, privilege.

Now take any of these issues mentioned above and be honest does your religion not affect your viewpoint on any of these issues. I am sure that when you take an honest look you will see that religion is affecting your view on these issues. A favourite example of mine is stem cell research if you really believe that a cell is more important than the hundreds of lives it could save, then your opinion is skewed by some irrational belief system. There is just no possible way that it cannot be skewed, it does just not make any sense to hold this belief otherwise.

I think my anti-theism can be summed up as follows. I am an anti-theist because I believe that religion is not doing any good and I believe this is true for every religion on this planet.