Monday, 12 August 2013

Homophobia is never justified

I saw a comic (see below) and thought about the one theistic arguments against homosexuality that do not just add up. all theistic arguments fail against homosexuality, but they really like this one as it seems to justify their homophobia. Firstly I feel the obvious place to start is to define homosexuality and what does it mean, stick with me, there is a point to this.
Homosexual is the romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behavior between members of the same sex or gender.

Theists will then throw around the fact that gay men are more susceptible to HIV and that its gods wrath. And they will say go look at the CDC website and see the stats for high risk groups (link, link.) Now this is right gay men are a high risk group, but what theists wont like to admit is that Black and Latinos are also high risk. Apparently its ok to be homophobic but not racist if you are a theist. By the way. this is one of the reasons people use to prohibit gay men donating blood. This is a separate issue but think about it would you stop Black and Latinos donating blood if they were a high risk group? Or what about the youth, were HIV is also on the rise?

Now here is the ultimate question if this is a theistic argument. What about lesbians as they are also homosexual. Lesbians have the lowest incidence of HIV, so I guess their is nothing wrong with homosexuality. Theists wake up HIV is a virus not a curse for having sex.