Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Heavy Metal is just music its not satan worship

When I was growing up in South Africa there was a massive anti-satanic movement by the police and schools and anyone else that was a Christian. Not so fun fact for you theists, this movement was happening during apartheid when the government and everyday life was run  by the conservative Christians. The one thing that really irritates me about this, is that it deprived me of some really fantastic music growing up. Not that the music was banned, but I was religious and so a lot of bands were no go territory and as such listening to their music could invite demons into your body as you were praising Satan with this heavy metal music. This was not a belief I originally held, but more something that got told to me so often from pastors/teachers/adults etc that I started to believe it. Which brings me to a interesting/disturbing/embarrassing (at my stupidity) story regarding an Iron Maiden poster I bought. I bought this poster for one reason, the artwork fascinated me and it still does.


Anyway, after hearing about the evil Iron Maiden and all the satanic mumbo jumbo surrounding this band I decided to burn this fine piece of artwork and save the planet from doom and destruction. But hang on it gets worse, I had heard from a pastor in my home town that when you burn these posters satan had been known to throw flames at people to scar them for life. So there I was in my back yard burning a poster, praying that Satan would not scar me for life. This was a very traumatic experience to say the least, I was a young gullible kid living in absolute fear of demons. Luckily I have now thrown away these stupid beliefs and also come to realize that Iron Maiden is if anything a historically correct band. I can now enjoy the artwork and music guilt free for what it is, brilliant. Here is one of my favorite songs from Iron Maiden, its called Fear of the Dark. Maybe it should be called Fear of Christianity for me ;)

These stupid things did not stop at Iron Maiden, but continued to most other bands that were producing great music at that time. I was reminiscing about these things with Sheldon the other day who posted something similar. For example we had the great acronyms linked to bands that were considered evil like KISS (Kids In Satans Service) and AC/DC (Anti Christ Devils Child). Or you could listen to music played backwards and hear the hidden messages from Satan, you had to use a lot of imagination but you could hear it if you wanted to. A great one was Meatloaf's  song - You took the words right out of my mouth, which played backwards is just the word Satan over and over again and demonic grumbling. Fun fact, any song played backwards sounds like demonic grumbling, well if demons actually existed.

Enjoy the music. For all you theists reading this, the temptation was too much...... so here in Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden.Just remember this is as biblical as you can get.