Thursday 8 August 2013

Dolphins show humans we are not so special......not to be outdone by dogs

Last week I posted about our canine friends abilities to retain memories and imitate learned tricks after a certain amount of time. Clearly the dolphins heard about this and decided to not be outdone and showed they are capable of retaining memories of up to 20 years. The 20 year limit given for this study is what the scientists do not believe is the high limit, it is just that the data is not available for longer times.

So what is it about us humans and our lofty self love that we feel we are so special? Granted I am a firm believer that we should look after our own species first, but are we really that special? If dolphins have the ability to remember friends 20 years later from their voice surely that makes them better learners than us humans for the most part. For example, I can't even remember what some of my friends from middle school looked like let alone sound like and that was only 15 years ago! Maybe if we as humans can respect that we are not so special we will live more in the real now and not in the imaginary afterlife.

Hey maybe I am wrong and their is dolphin heaven as well. Or maybe the dolphins are Muslims and dogs are Christians and only one set of animals is going to heaven. Or maybe heaven is just another fairytale, I will go with this option.   

Here is a video showing the dolphins been extremely happy when they hear the voice of their friends which they lived with a long time ago.

The article is published open access and is available at the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. (link)