Friday, 9 August 2013

Dear God VII

The point of this weekly segment is to thank god for all the awesome stuff he/she/it gives to us in the form of a prayer. Not to be taken seriously by atheists, but to be taken seriously by theists.

Dear God/Allah/Buddha/Zeus/ Thor/ Mercury/Venus/Jesus/Mary/Mars/Jupiter/Xenu/Aphrodite/Hades/Spaghetti Monster/Ra/Osiris/Krishna/Satan//Invisible Unicorn/Apollo/Ares/Poseidon/Yahweh/Vishnu/Rama/Shiva/Denka/Nyame/Waq/!Xu/Napi/Ta'xet/Aholi/Meztli/Xipe-Totec/Tezcatlipoca/Kwan Yin/Suyama/Brahma Sahampathi/Anubis/Horus/Lucifer/Set/Hera/Hades/Bacchus etc etc etc etc etc.

Seriously why so many names? And why so many different sexes?You hiding something?


If you want to see how special your deity is, this website will show that it is not. After all there can be only one or is that one billion?