Thursday 22 August 2013

Bob Larson and Daughter Exorcists Inc. revisited

About 2 weeks ago I wrote about Bob Larson and daughter exorcists, the new family business. I feel its time to revisit this after I saw a documentary by the VICE squad regarding this lunacy.

The higlights (or lowlights) of the documentary for me were the following.

1) Demon possession in women that got beaten as children or women that got raped. Where was god when all this abuse was going on? Bree Larson explains that due to the hate that someone feels from this type of abuse, you invite demons in. So in other words god hates you actually that much that he allows you to get raped and then when you are angry he gives you demons. Omnipotent god? maybe impotent is more apt.

2) The presenter of the Vice documentary, who is not a Christian and has no faith exorcising a demon. This irrefutably shows to me that demon possession and exorcism is a load of bullshit. I am sure Bob the idiot has some reason that this was possible, like his energy getting channelled. Sound like more new age rubbish to me.

3) The grand finale for me though was when Bob kicked a lady out of church who actually had what looked like real problems. The compassion of Christ anyone? I believe he did this as it did not fit in with his demons on tap psychology.

Here are the videos. Part 1:
Part 2:
I will say it again BOB LARSON IS AN IDIOT!