Sunday, 11 August 2013

Bob Larson and Daughter Exorcists Inc.

I got linked to an article about Bob Larson's daughter who is now following in daddy's footsteps and performing exorcisms.  Initial find thanks to the great  Laughing in Purgatory blogspot. I have written before about the idiocy that is Bob Larson before but I think this deserves attention for mainly 1 reason.......age!

 (Pic source) Bob and daughter remind me of a show that used to be on TV

 (Pic Source)

Are these three teenage girls equipped to be dealing with this lunacy and what untold psychological damage could it causing to them. Yes, I said three girl as its not only Bob Larson daughter but two other teenage girls who are in on the farce. Bob Larson's daughter is now 17 but she started with these shenanigans at least a year ago, so she was the ripe adult age of 16 when she started doing "psychology" on people. Now demon possession is bullshit! However, when I was younger (15) and I used to go to one of these charismatic churches I saw a so called demon exorcism. At the time it really messed with me mentally as I thought surely this could happen to anyone as why would priests lie to me. It really scared me as I didn't want to be writhing it pain on the floor while I got shouted at by some priest. So what kind of damage is this doing to these girls.

The other big problem for me is that these girls are dealing with very mature themes at a very young age. Simply put would you go to a 16 year old for psychological advice? These so called demonic possessions can deal with anything from paedophilia, to murder, to adultery etc. Do you honestly think these girls with no psychological training are equipped to deal with the horrors they are encountering.

I have said before Bob Larson is an idiot, but this is a whole new level of irresponsible behaviour.

Side note: Feel free to join Bob Larson at his money making school of exorcism on line as well.You can get your apprentice level exorcist badge for only $995, what the hell is a apprentice level. Does this mean you can only exorcise donkeys?