Monday 5 August 2013

A matter of perspective

I was listening to an episode of The Thinking Atheist called "Clash from the past" where Seth Andrews was talking to his ex-manager David Stephens at the Christian radio station he used to work at. It was a great debate/conversation between the two, and I realised that the whole argument between these two comes down to perception of theists versus atheists. Theists have a strict worldview that is forced onto them from a holy book, while most atheists (not all) rationalise their worldview.

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In the interview David said, multiple times, that the world and the the USA is not in a good state now that secularism and other religions are on the rise. So I thought about this a lot and came to the following conclusions. From Davids perspective he is absolutely correct and from Seths perspective he is absolutely correct.This reminds me a lot about morality been subjective or objective, for a good blog about this check out this recent post by Cephus at the Bitchspot. In case you are wondering morality is subjective.

So lets break this down more from David and other theists perspectives. If we consider the world today from the theists perspective things are a lot worse of as their worldview is not their own, but those determined by some tribes 2000 years ago situated in the Middle East. If you are a theist (in most cases) you disapprove of homosexuality so with the much more visible LGBT community nowadays you would think the world is worse off. If you are a theist the rise of atheism or other theistic religions in your community/country is also in your worldview the rise of evil. So in other words when your book is based in the stone ages, then your worldview will also be in the stone ages so of course the world is getting worse. You can no longer club women over the head and drag them into a cave for a good time we have moved on.

From my perspective the rise of various communities (LGBT/atheist/sceptic etc) is awesome as it means less discrimination, so from my perspective the world is getting better. But then again my worldview is not determined by cavemen.