Sunday, 28 July 2013

Why I trust science

Some theists seem to think I believe in science like they believe in god. I don’t believe in science, however I do have very valid reasons why I trust science. I thought I would mention a very recent example that should have a lot of power.

With the stem cell debate going amid the new embryonic stem cell discovery and possible treatments using stem cells. I though it would be interesting to reference this Editorial from Nature magazine from a few weeks ago. This editorial deals with the fact that scientists are not heartless monsters as some theists like to point out.

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In this piece it is pointed out that scientists are trying to stop a stem cell therapy trial with regard to the hyped up Stamina therapy. The idea behind Stamina therapy involves extracting bone marrow from a patient to obtain stem cells and then injecting them back into the patients veins or spinal cord. This therapy is meant to cure fatal illness, but this is where it gets murky as the claims are not backed up by scientific data. Its just a claim, with no proof.

The scientists leading this drive to stop the trial believe their is no good scientific reason why it should happen. The reasons that have been put forward are 1) that the method is based on bad data, 2) lack of scientific method, 3) fabricated data and 4) independent tests have been shown to not work. While I am sure their are potential patients that would want this therapy, it should not be done as it is not proven and it is based on bad data. Additionally, this treatment is invasive and their is no reason to proceed with it if it does not work.

This example is for me a perfect example of science which is self correcting and truthful. This is one of many reasons why I trust science.