Thursday 25 July 2013

Why dont theists like fantasy novels/comics/TV/movies?

Its always been my belief that theist leaders (preachers/imams etc) do not like fantasy novels and TV, because they had a deprived childhood. So the only way they can make their childhood look normal is to try and deprive children of their fun. I think maybe its more complex than that though. Its so complex that it can be summed up in one word. IDIOTS. Idiocy is a serious disease.And this idiocy is a not a new kind of idiocy. My Christian preachers "back in the day" told us not to watch ThunderCats and He-Man too.

Luckily as an atheist I can just appreciate fantasy for what it is......Fantasy. For theists however if you believe in invisible gods then magic, ghosts and demons all become real too. And anything that does not seem normal too you, which is pretty much anything in fantasy land, is evil.

This is one of many reasons theists irritate me.

Here are some examples of idiots telling your children (or parents who believe in fairy tales) not to watch certain TV shows and movies.
Idiocy and Harry Potter
Idioacy and ThunderCats/He-Man.
Idiocay and Twilight.