Thursday, 25 July 2013

This is just another dumb theist

I love football (aka soccer) so when I read this story I was irritated at the stupidity and arrogance of this Muslim player. Yet this story could be applied to multiple theists anywhere in the world who like to live their double standard life. BBC news link.

So this fool Papiss Cisse in June was reported to be considering his future as he did not want to wear the logo of the new club sponsor on his shirt, as it did not fit with his Muslim beliefs. The companies logo under the spotlight is a high interest pay day loan company. This disagreement lead him to pull out of the clubs preseason training tour. as of yesterday the club and player have not come to a conclusion regarding his future if he still refuses to wear the logo.

I am guessing the fact that he was caught in a casino will make the clubs decision easier to get rid of him and his useless set of morals a lot easier. Or at least for the club to say you can no  longer disagree on moral grounds.
(BBC picture source)
Apparently he was not gambling according to his agent and the casino was not prepared to comment. From the picture it looks like gambling to me.

In conclusion Papiss Cisse you are an Islamic hypocrite idiot.

Update: The club and player have agreed that he will wear the logo of the company. Guess he had no more moral high ground.