Thursday, 4 July 2013

Mentally Ill Theists

To those of you that have read this blog you will know that I suffer from depression. Now this blog has nothing to do with depression, but with the fact that I faced up to my mental illness and took the action necessary to correct myself. The reason why I think this is important is due to two fantastic but disturbing blogs I have read recently.

My question is simple to theists how can you continue denying these abuses and killings that are happening. This is mainstream Christianity and mainstream Islam, so to say this is not a major issue means there is something wrong with you. I honestly think if you identify with these organisations then you have a serious mental problem that needs to be dealt with. Now I can see that theists will disagree with this as they will say I do not approve of these things, but lets look at it simply.

If you attend an organisations activities (i.e. attend church) then you are supporting this association (religion). By supporting this organisation you are agreeing with whatever happens in this organisation. You are unable to distance yourself from the bad, as this is what is happening and nothing is getting done about it. For example its a fact that the catholic church moves paedophiles around. Remember this is not politics, you cannot vote the new pope or imam into office, this is not determined by you.

In closing I have this to say.

I faced my mental illness. How about you face yours.