Thursday 11 July 2013

Catholic Church faces UN comittee

There is a report in the Gaurdian about the Catholic Church facing a United Nations committee about child abuse scandals as well as tax issues. This is good news as the UN is actually considering that the Vatican is a threat, and unfortunately for the Vatican they are a member of the UN so they are obliged to comply. But that said Iran and North Korea are members of the UN, so lets not hold our breath for anything dramatic.

The bigger question now is whether the faithful will start turning away from a state that is unquestionably abusive. A state that is run by the voice of God on earth but which is anything but godly. My guess is that the faithful will stay with the church until the bitter end, when they close the doors and there is no where else to go but away.

Maybe the Vatican could start and alternative United Nations with other great countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, north Korea, Myanmar.... I think you see where I am going with this.