Thursday 18 July 2013

Atheist Churches - Theists win

I think an appropriate way to start part 3 of 4 (part 2 here) about atheist churches is to ask the following questions.
1) How many times have you tried to explain to a theist what atheism is?
2) How many times have they actually understood what you meant and taken the new definition and used it.
My guess you answers were somewhere along the lines of.
1) So many times I feel like a stuck record.
2) Its never happened.

This is why the title of this post is theists win, which is short for theists win in their mind at least. Often I have encountered  theists who say it takes faith to be an atheist. Unfortunately, once a theist has said this no matter how the debate progresses they still stick to their original claim. The only time this is not true is a  few special cases when the theist is looking for some reason to establish their new-found disbelief in a god. I believe this problem of "atheist belief" will be come even more complicated with the establishment of atheist churches.

The reason for this is all word play. I have noticed that most theists favourite arguments are world play as their are no other rational and factual arguments for god. So with the introduction of the word "church", its pretty much the same as theist opposition to gay marriage. They get stuck on the word that they have attributed meaning to and are incapable of moving forward in the discussion. I see theists in the future using the following line "but atheists also have churches, how are you any different to us?" or "you church is not correct in their belief." The hard (yet illogical) part is that they are right, after all we are now a "church" and this word means something very different to them.

My closing thought is as follows: "Atheist churches are different but human brains do not think logically, especially when you are not a sceptic in the first place."